Embrace your inner child x

So after two months or so of working full time and living as a proper adult, i’ve come to realise that it’s the moments of pure childishness that bring me the most joy. During my working days, i have to be mature and sensible, work hard and have my mind working constantly. But when i […]

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I’m seriously surprised that I haven’t written a blog post about my thoughts on Seaworld yet because everyone who knows me will tell you how strongly i feel. I am ashamed to say that when i was little, before the scandals at Seaworld were common knowledge, i went as a tourist and loved the experience. […]

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Netflix of the Month

Everyone who knows me will know i am a total Netflix addict. Whenever i have any free time (which is rare these days), you will find me curled up in bed watching something or other on Netflix. Here’s just a few of the things i’ve been enjoying recently: – Marvel’s Jessica Jones – I love […]

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Today while on my break at work, i had a little reflection on how far i have come in the past few years. Not only have I completed a degree and am graduating with a 2:1 (which is really surprising considering how much i struggled along the way), but i have also overcome a lot […]

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Life Update

So i’ve been quite absent from my blog recently but i’ve been a very busy bee! As i’ve mentioned, i’ve finished my degree now and officially graduate in around 2 weeks (eeeeeek). Now i’ve moved back home to Newcastle and got a full-time job so i’ve barely had time to spare! I’m not too sure […]

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Reverse Bucket List

I recently saw this idea floating around a few blogs and loved it so i have unashamedly copied and made a list of my own! The idea is that making typical bucket lists is all well and good but is often an unrealistic collection of ideas. A reverse bucket list on the other hand doesn’t […]

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